ApiStopLimitOrderDTO > ApiOrderDTO


Represents a stop/limit order.



Name Type Description
Guaranteed boolean

Flag to determine whether an order is guaranteed to trigger and fill at the associated trigger price.

TriggerPrice number
format decimal

Price at which the order should be triggered. This is NULL if the order is a trailing stop and TrailingDistance is specified instead.

ExpiryDateTimeUTC string
nullable true
format wcf-date

The associated expiry DateTime for a pair of GoodTillDate If/Done orders defined in UNIX time format.

Applicability string

Identifier which relates to the expiry of the order/trade, i.e. GoodTillDate (GTD), GoodTillCancelled (GTC) or GoodForDay (GFD).

ParentOrderId integer
nullable true

This represents the OrderID of any orders that the current order is related to. If there is no parent order as the order in question is the parent order, then the value is NULL.

TrailingDistance number
nullable true
format decimal
Used to set the trail distance in points for trailing stop orders. This is NULL if TriggerPrice is specified and it is not a trailing stop.
Associated boolean Flag to indicate if this is an associated order. An associated order is linked to a net position rather than to specific individual trades.


Last updated: 29 May 2020



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